Monday, September 10, 2012

Pre-School Fun and The Case of The Mystery Rooster

So I promised I would share my free preschool lesson plan that I am using for Brylee. It's from Stacey at We started week one last week and it is the perfect thing to supplement what we are already doing. She sends the email weekly. It has the entire lesson plan broken down by day and has whatever printables or links you need to go along with the lesson that week .I am loving that it is one thing I don't have to plan out for the week. I look at the supply list and make sure I have everything and we are ready to go. The letter this past week was X. We did a treasure hunt(one of the activities of the lesson plan) and talked about how having God guide your steps in life is kind of like having a map for your life. Here are some pictures of some of the things we did. 

We started with the treasure hunt. We looked for all the x's and found the treasure behind the spots.

We made our treasure map with markers and stickers. I wish I'd gotten a closer picture, but I didn't.

We made binoculars.........

We went on a treasure/nature hunt.......

We did other stuff with this lesson plan too, but I didn't get pictures.

This week the letter is G and the theme is Garden. Looking forward to this lesson! Thanks, Stacey!

Have I mentioned how much I love Bodie's Science this year. Really really like it. It's Apologia Science and we are doing the swimming creatures. Not only is the reading interesting, but I like the journal with the premade templates too. Each chapter takes about two weeks to get through because of all the things you put in your journal. I like that we aren't just doing Qand A. There is  a lot to write but it is broken up with drawings, experiments, and puzzles. I think that he is going to retain the work so much better than if it was just Q and A. Maybe I should say that Bodie is liking it a lot too, not just mom. But it is just so much more fun to teach if you like it too!

I love this picture of him reading The Grasshopper On The Road. He thinks this whole book is so funny.

On to the case of the mystery rooster. Yes, here in the sticks we don't get stray dogs, we get stray roosters! We have twelve lovely lady chicks that provide us with eggs every day. I saw no reason to add a rooster in the mix as I did not want to see beaks or feet in my eggs. You see, eggs and I have a shady relationship anyway and I am quite certain if I came to find a baby chick in my scrambled egg our relationship would come to a screeching halt.Anyway, the other morning my husband was drinking his coffee when he heard a crowing out the window. He went outside and sure enough there was a rooster looking like he had just stumbled onto a gold mine. None of our near neighbors have chickens and we just couldn't imagine one wondering from somewhere. Come to find out later Glenn's friend Bill dropped him off in the night, knowing Glenn had been wanting one and I hadn't. I guess he figured I couldn't argue if one just showed up. So we've agreed that Don Juan can stay, but like I said it's a shaky relationship. For now the girls are not too impressed, but I figure that will change. After all he is Don Juan.

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  1. I'm with you on the rooster and the eggs. We have friends who raise chickens, and we buy eggs from them when available. I don't think I could buy them anymore if I found a chick inside!

    Your homeschooling sounds like it is off to a fine start. I am such an admirer of homeschooling, as I just never felt up to the challenge.

  2. Thanks, Marissa! I'm glad you're enjoying it! What cute little ones!!

  3. Great activities! Love the binoculars. And love the story about the rooster! I was 14 before I learned that roosters did something more than crow and chase kids around. And I was raised on a ranch! Sigh. Thank you for sharing on NOBH!