Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Walk Across The Desert Can Get You Bit By Sharks

Life has a way of being funny even if you aren't aiming for funny. Sometimes things happen that don't seem so funny at the time and then looking back later you see the humor. Sometimes I don't really see the humor, but others around me think it's a hoot. Infact, I had a friend tell me the other day that I really need to write down the things that happen to me on a day to day basis. Frankly, I don't think my life is interesting enough for a daily dialogue. However, I do realize that I have more than my fair share of "odd" happenings.
 For instance, one day last week, a friend and client of mine came out to ride her horse (she keeps him at our place) She had just been out three days earlier to ride. When we grabbed her saddle I noticed a little web on it. I really didn't think much of it, I mean it was in a barn. Suddenly there were spiders crawling out of her saddle all over the place. Now, I may be a country girl, but I am not big on bugs. One spider that came out went back in the saddle kind of under the fleece and horn. So now we are trying to figure out how to get the spider out and make sure there aren't more before we put it on the horse. Our only thought was to grab a bottle of fly spray and spray it down in there. We did and sure enough out comes that spider and another one. Finally we had managed to rid the saddle of spiders, but not without covering ourselves and the saddle with flyspray. Really I thought I don't know anyone else who has had something so dumb happen. The thing of it is I have stuff like this happen all the time. My old boss used to say I could be walking across the desert and get bit by a know I'm starting to think he might be on to something.

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