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Spring Break and Spring Blessings

In Our Lives:  Spring has sprung and we have been hopping here. It's been so long since I last blogged that this one is gonna be long and picture heavy. However, the pictures are awfully cute so maybe you won't mind. 
The triplets (Hunter, Camo, and Quiver) and a proud mom.
   We love spring time because all the babies are being born, the flowers are blooming, and it is garden time. Our farm is no exception and we have baby goats galore. We have four nannies. One had triplets, two had twins, and one had a single. 

Brylee named her Cutie.

Brylee has been eating all this up. She loves babies of any kind.

When the triplets were born, the first one was pretty weak in the hindend. We were really worried about her. Thankfully I have some great neighbors who know a lot about goats. It ended up being just weakness from being all cramped up for so long. After a few days of us and my neighbors going out and getting her up and stretching her legs periodically, she worked out of it. I must say also she has a super mom who did not leave that baby for one second for days while she got strong enough to walk. Any less protective mom and I don't think she would be here today.


our newest arrival (Spring) born on the first day of spring.

 They are a blast to watch and act just like a bunch of kids......quess that's why they call them that.

Quiver (the firstborn triplet)


some of the things growing in our raised bed.
Spring also brings gardening time. Last year we did not have great luck with our garden due to the drought.So we are more determined than ever to get some things out of the garden this year. I am trying to pick more things that I can freeze so nothing goes to waste. So far we have radishes, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, onions, cilantro, carrots, lettuce and spinach growing.

Hopefully this year we will actually do better in being more self sufficient.

We also added some more chickens to our flock. We had some mishaps along the way and so we don't have as many as we started with, but hopefully these three will make it to adult hood.

More fun We had: Springbreak! I did not realize how ready we all were for a break. The weather was great and I decided we would just spend the time relaxing and having fun. The first thing we decided to do was go letterboxing. A friend of mine had told me about this a long time ago. It sounded fun but I didn't know much about it. Since it is free I decided to check it out. Here's a break down for you guys that don't know what it is. Letterboxing is like a nationwide treasure hunt. People all over the world hide these boxes in various places. You can look at to find out more. There is a map online. You click the area you live in and it will bring up all the places near you that have them. There were three in just one park that we hit. Each person who creates a box also gives you the clues to find them. (which are on the internet) When you find the box it has a stamp that you put on your journal and a logbook for you to date and sign. Then you put it back like it was so the next person can find it. Some are historical in nature and some are just for fun. The kids had so much fun doing this!

This picture is kind of blurry but you get the idea.

The first place we hit was a graveyard! It was actually in Florence. I was surprised because it's not a very big town. I felt a little creepy going to a grave yard especially when we were looking around under things to find the box.

a letterbox hidden in a park

There are a bunch hidden all over Georgetown and the surrounding areas. We spent one day at a local park, which happened to have three hidden in it. We only found two, but it was great fun and we look forward to finding more hidden boxes.

some of the stamps we have collected so far.

You need to make sure you bring your own inkpads, a journal to put the stamps, a pen for dating the logbook, and your phone for the directions. All of these were things we had so no extra cost. We packed lunches, took bicycles, and made a day of it. It was a blast!

Things we are doing in School: With the first day of spring I got the idea to purchase butterfly nets. This might be one of my favorite purchases so far. Some how I just wished my grandma could have seen the kids out there chasing butterflies. I can hear her chuckle. Right away Bodie caught two butterflies and a wasp. It took Brylee quite a bit longer, but her excitement was huge!

on the hunt

the butterfly stuck around for a minute before flying off.

A great way to start off spring!

another one that Bodie caught!

noodles and a shoebox with holes is fun!

This blog wouldn't be complete without showing a few pictures of Brooke too! She is getting so big and learning fast.

I had gotten the parmesan cheese container out as a joke really.....did not think she would be able to get the Qtips in those little holes. I was wrong and she ended up sitting there for a while working at it.

Ok last two pictures I promise and they aren't very springy, but just reminders that when we get snow here it is always exciting and usually after a seventy degree day! This was all the snow we had this winter and it lasted about an hour and the next day was back in the seventies again.

Well that wasn't all that schoolish but more posts on school stuff to come :)

catch them while you can!

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