Monday, August 30, 2010


So excited because Bodie's school stuff is coming in any day. For about the last week we have been doing a normal school routine. Honestly this is more for Brylee than Bodie. I was not about to start our first week of real school without having her be used to having to entertain herself some. In doing this I realized how little she is ever expected to sit in one place for more than a few minutes. We have been starting out with circle time where I read out loud a short story. I am only expecting her to sit in my lap for about ten minutes right now, but you would think I was killing her.( I really don't get this as I read to her every night and don't encounter a problem) The first five minutes really is her crying and wrestling to get down, and it is just crazy to me that she can not sit for that length of time.

Bodie goes along with just about anything I have planned with very little fussing so far. Of course at this point mostly everything we are doing involves active work. He is a little slower with the worksheets I have printed off for him from the net, but has been good to complete them with very little assistence on my part other than explaining the directions.

One of the things I am looking forward to with his curriculum is not having to come up with so many ideas on my own. It makes my brain tired. On the samples of the teacher's guide that come with his stuff are multiple choices of things you can do that tie in with what you are studying. There are activities listed, books listed, and sometimes field trip ideas. Hopefully I am not being too optimistic, but am kind of looking forward to that. Also, I am excited to just have the planner so week by week is scheduled out (Ii can change it up or vary it as needed) so I know exactly what I need to have ready ect. Right now everyday I just come up with ideas for both Bodie and Brylee. Because of the age difference there is only so much they can do together, which means coming up with totally different ideas for both of them every day. Did I say my brain is tired? Thankfully I have found some really great websites that have lots of toddler activities. However, since they don't have a huge attention span at two, I have to have several things on hand at a time so she does not create her own fun. In truth getting the activity set up and cleaning it up after, is not any more work than it would be if she makes her own fun. Ahhhh, but it is clean up that I am prepared for ahead of time so that makes it better.

We had a pretty busy day today. We did circle time, which involved reading and learning poetry, we did science......planting a few things in the garden and transplanting some plants, then he drew a picture in his journel and wrote a sentence about it, he finished a math worksheet we'd been working on, watched a video, had some play time, make pom pom bugs, and did his reading lesson. He also had some time filling different containers with water and playing with that. By late this afternoon he and Brylee were playing outside and he got all weepy on me. I had asked them both if they wanted some bubbles. Bodie said no and Brylee decided she did. I noticed him crying after a bit and asked him what was wrong. ( he is not a crier) That's when he told me that he really had wanted to play with bubbles. After he quit crying I asked him if he wanted to play with them. He said yes and went outside......only for me to discover tears pouring out once more. When I asked him what was wrong he said he didn't know he just couldn't stop crying. Bizarre, he has never done that. I asked him if he was tired he said yes and wanted to get in the tub. So, I am not sure if I wore him out mentally or exactly what the deal was. I will take note of this and see if more of this behavior follows. 

Well, it will probably be me or Brylee tomorrow. As long as we take turns and don't do it all on the same day........

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