Thursday, October 28, 2010

Girl's Day Out

Last week Bodie started a P.E program. It is once a week from one to four. They do all kinds of sports, there are lots of kids, and I really like the coaches. I am thrilled that he has to work as a team with other kids and that he has to take direction from someone other than me for a while. However, one of my favorite parts about this is that it is a drop off program.

Not only do I think that he needs that time to learn under someone else, but it has turned into a chance for Brylee and I to have girl time.

When Bodie was going to preschool we didn't really have that time between driving and naps  This place is located a good fourty minutes away from the house so I am not going to go home, which means I have to find things to do. Luckily, it is in an area where there are quite a few fun places to go and I can also get errands run at the same time.

Today was our first real mommy daughter time because the first time I took Bodie to his P.E class, I stuck around for about half the time to just see how things are run. This time we dropped him off and ran. She hardly has me to herself ever so I think it is just as much fun for her. Today we went to Hobby Lobby and picked out stickers for her potty chart, she found herself a really cute lunch box with Abby from Sesame street on it, and then we went shoe shopping for her Halloween outfit. It was nice to just go and get her some litle things and make her feel spoiled. So much of the time it is all about Bodie just because of school. She also spends a lot of time doing things he does just because she looks up to him and wants to play with him. It was so much fun seeing what ideas she had when there no other influences.

My favorite part of today was just being able to look at what she wanted to look at, and being able to enjoy her sweet personality all by itself.

I am really glad I have this opportunity to have some one on one with her before the baby gets here. I can tell she really enjoyed it too. She was so cute showing Glenn all her stickers and shoes when he got home. She even offered him a princess sticker when he went potty! He declined of course, but it was funny.

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