Saturday, November 13, 2010

There is so much stuff going on right now I don't even know where to begin. I'll just go down the list and see where it goes.

Homeschooling: This has been an interesting journey. It has gone smoother than I expected, but there are still days that are challenging. Bodie really likes all his subjects. In reading we had gotten a book called Teach Your Child to Read in One Hundred Easy Lessons. We actually got that before he started preschool because he was so interested in letters and sounds. When I put him in preschool I quit working in it because I did not want to overwhelm him. We were a little more than halfway through it when school started so he only has eight more lessons in that. It has been a really good book. He is reading full pages and even starting to put expression into some of the sentences when he grasps the humor. Yesterday, he wanted to do two lessons. The story was about an old man who couldn't hear and he kept misunderstanding what everyone was saying. The first lesson was part one of the story and he thought it was so funny that he wanted to do the next one also. It is funny to me to watch him pick up on the humor. Math is something he is good at, but has sometimes wanted to skip. I think he gets bored because the worksheets are somewhat repetitive. I may have to incorporate some of those concepts in a more fun way. Science is still his favorite, and he has actually gotten to where he likes handwriting too, although I think it's just because he likes the coloring sheet on the back! The language we do is both writing and verbal. I really like the verbal part because it has him retelling a story, or making one up about a certain thing, or putting things into sequence. I don't think it is his favorite, but mommy likes it. This past week I also found a group around here that does an enrichment club. There are probably twenty kids and the ones that want to get up and do some kind of presentation. A lot of the kids do lapbooks on a subject they are interested in, but some recite poems, or do show n tell. It is mostly about exposing them to speaking in front of people. Next month, if we are able to go, Bodie plans to do a presentation on combines. I am looking forward to that!

Pregnancy: Third time around is a least that is what I hear. It is hard for me to believe that if I go to fourty weeks (I haven't with the other two) I have only six more weeks left. Throwing a newborn on top of all this may prove to be exciting. I just have got to remind myself to rest. I am probably going to take a week or two off school at that time......if Bodie will let me. We will prob curl up in bed and read and write some, but not so formal for a couple of weeks. I have really been feeling it lately. My body is crankier it seems this time around, age getting to me I guess. She is really active too, moving and kicking all the time, so much for hoping for a laid back kid. LOL

Brylee's room: Another project we have going is trying to get Brylee's room finished. It has really been work becasue we are moving into what was our office/store room. There has been a lot to muddle through and we are still not finished yet. Have not even started on the babies room yet because Bry is still in there. All I know is that I am doing pink and brown in there. I have not been able to get any more creative because I can't picture anything with bry still in there. So these next few weeks those are two big goals I have.

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