Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Time

Summer time is here and with it the blazing heat. Such is to be expected in Texas, but some how every year I get a little less tolerent. Ok so I was dreading the swim lessons for Brylee this summer because I have to get in the water with her. Now I actually look forward to it because I get the chance to stop sweating for a few minutes. This is her first year in swim lessons and she is loving it. I am excited for her too because Bodie gets to go to camps and she gets left out because of her age. Finally this is something just for her and she is eating it up.

The first weeks of summer have been so busy that I had not had a chance to slow down. This week has really been nice though. It's the first time I have not had school since Brook was born aside from her first few weeks and I am realizing now that I really needed the break. I actually have some free time. I have  noticed that I am so much more relaxed. I know Bodie was ready for the break also. We had a good school year. I am over all impressed with all he learned. I wil be making some changes in some of his curriculum for first grade though. I think I am going to go with Abeka math this time and also Abeka English. I really do like their phonetics program and think it will help him later if he has a good start with phonics. Also, still realizing that I have to relax a little and not so much pressure on myself or Bodie with school.

Brooklyn is growing so fast. She is fastinated by Bodie and Brylee both and loves to watch them. She has started saying  da da da. I am trying to convince her that she should say mamama, but so far no luck. Oh well you can't win um all. I am so glad that she is pretty low key right now. I think I would have cracked had she been a fussy baby like Brylee was. Thank God he knows how much we can handle.

Our garden is still hanging in there despite the heat. We are just getting ready ( if all goes well) to have good amounts of tomatos, peppers, beans, and peas. I canned my first two jars of peppers a couple of days ago and am about to have more to put away.

Also, I decided that I am going to take one room at a time and start doing some little improvements. I think I am going to start with our bedroom, since it is least seen. If I make mistakes no one will notice as much. I'll do before and after pictures of what you can do on a shoestring budget.

Looking forward to the summer and getting a few things done around here.

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