Friday, April 29, 2011

Homeschool Journal Number Five

The Homeschool Mother's Journal
What's going On In My Life: Sunday is going to be Glenn and I's Anniversary......12 years. It seems like it was just yesterday I was saying it was our eleventh. How a year flies by. Come to think of it, how the years fly by. This year we added a new addition to our family, little Brooke, and we are still adjusting to that. We are also trying to get more self sufficient. We are still buckling down on our finances. Honestly one day I won't still have pea green and orange furniture and I am very excited about that prospect. Right now we really are living like no one else so later we can live like no one else. Ok I am laughing now because that sounds so cheesy, but it is true. I can tolerate a lot if I know it won't always be this way. I do want different stuff eventually,but I am not miserable. I just hope everyone knows this is not my real taste. 

Homeschool This Week: We are getting close to closing down for this year and I am working on what route to take next year. We will be homeschooling Bodie again I am sure, but Ihave not figured out if I will put Brylee in a preschool or start her at home with me. Of course she already likes to be involved, but I think this
next year will be alot easier because her attention span is getting better. This week we did quite a few projects that tied in with Easter. For a fun Math project I took plastic eggs with a math problem on one half and the answer on the other and mixed them all in a basket. Bodie would have to find the egg that had the correct sum. We did a simplified version for Brylee. I would have her hand me all the red eggs or all the purple eggs. Once we got them all out we would practice our counting to see how many of each colors there were.

Of course we had to decorate Easter eggs and cupcakes, although at almost three and five it is more work than fun. But, we managed to get it done with out too big of a mess and had some fun too! Our letter of the week was W, which happens to be Bodie's favorite letter, but even Brylee had fun helping out. For her I would cut out the shape of the w and let her glue tissue paper to it.

More Tidbits: I have always been able to laugh at myself and so I must confess that I went a whole day wearing to socks that did not match. That happened to be the day that I went to town, ran errands,and met my father-in-law. They were at least the same color, but one was an ankle sock and the other was right above my ankle. Pretty obvious I think, and how I didn't notice I will never know. It is true there are days when I get up and truly don't even look in the mirror. This is something I am working on.....remembering I am important too.

Bodie blowing through a straw with paint.
Brylee doing her stained glass


  1. The straw paint and stained glass look like really cool projects! My boys might get a little out of control with the paint though...

    Yes, sometimes I leave the house without worrying about who I might see...and then of course, I see EVERYBODY!! Love it how that works. :-)

  2. You are an amazing mother...I am also so inspired when I read your blog. I LOVE the stained glass window craft. Think we might steal it ;)

  3. What a cool project!

    Happy anniversary coming up!

  4. Look like a lot of fun. It will be 13 years for my and my husband. Time does fly.

  5. lol, don't all moms have mismatch sock moments! Looks like a lot of us are celebrating anniversaries this time of year. We just celebrated our 14th!

  6. By the time you get to 25 years, you will like wearing mismatched ankle socks. I do it all the time. Cherish these early years - they are the best! It is so good to see you caring and working with your young ones!


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