Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My List

For the next few days I have only Brooklyn to keep up with as Bodie and Brylee are staying with Papa and Nana. What do I do with myself? I have so many things I want to do and I know I won't come close to getting them all finished.

It is inevitable for things to come up such as the pr valve going bad on our water meter. Anyone know what that is? Yea I didn't either until today. Last week our washing machine started leaking. After having the guy out twice and Glenn working on it between we were told our water pressure was too low and that is making the washing machine leak. Our water pressure has been low for a while now. Upon calling the water company, I discovered that we have what is called a pr valve that is attached the meter, but the water company is not responsible for it. The lady kindly told me I needed to locate the valve and adjust it. If that didn't help to call her back. Do I look like I know anything about water meters? So now I am out there looking in this box that has webs and spiders. I did figure out how to adjust the thing finally with no results so they told us we have to replace the valve. (they don't do that, you have to call a plumber) Well, Glenn is not call a plumber if he thinks he can do it himself, so guess what he'll be doing this afternoon? In the mean time the clothes I was gonna wash are gonna have to wait.

Next on my list: Tommorow I am going to my moms to sew the curtains for our bedroom. Yea! That alone will make a big difference in our room. And I am taking our last female cat to get fixed! Yea again! And maybe I'll get the books done this week while there are fewer interruptions. Or maybe throw some things away while there is no one here to protest. Aghhhh the possibilities are endless. I might even get to use my Kohls giftcard this week. Shopping with a baby is a lot easier than shopping with three kids. But, I'll never get any of it finished if I don't get off here so Hasta la vista baby.

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