Saturday, July 23, 2011

Makin Money From The Scraps

 I've written about our journey to financial peace a few times and this is just one more step in our journey. We have really been taking a look at everything we have that we can get rid of. One benefit is a cleaner place, but if we can make a little cash too that is a good thing.

It doesn't even look that big does it?
 Glenn found a place that takes metal scraps that is actually close and so we began our morning going through his piles and piles and piles of horseshoes.

We even enlisted little helpers

And so we all jumped in to make it go faster because the more we dug the bigger the pile seemed to get.

This pile is still not all that impressive!

It really didn't take us longer than an hour to get to the bottom of all those shoes, but by then we didn't think the truck was going to hold much more weight.

It ended up being a full load and we still have a bunch of pipe and other pieces of metal to haul off. For now though, it was a good start. 

I don't even know that we will get that much money for the pile, we probably won't. It is just smarter if you have to haul it off any way to get a little bit of change while we are at it.

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