Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our First Week Of School 2011


So this week is the first day of school for us, second year of homeschool. Bodie is six and is doing first grade and Brylee is three and in preschool.

Brylee is very excited to be doing school like big brother and so far it is going well. 

These are a few pictures of our set up. I don't have an extra room to use so our dining room doubles as the school room. I have worked hard to get it functional and organized and this year I feel much closer to my goal.

Here I have our blocks, puzzles, stack a doos, manipulatives, books, folders....

More storage space: the orange for Bodie, blue for Brylee, one for crafts, and one for teacher stuff.
Getting organized is a big part of my battle:

I have tried to focus on being prepared every day, having things printed and ready to go ahead of time. I  am really stressing this week on little things like putting your boxes back after you are finished and putting finished work in their files. Also, I have them help clean up when we are finished. These things are small but bad habits lead to a big mess. The last two days I have managed to serve meals on a clean dining room table! Last year that never happened.

Our board that has the letter of the week we are working on and our work charts.

I decided for Brylee we would spend a week on each letter of the alphabet. I am picking different things for her to do every day that involve the letter A. Bodie knows his letters and sounds really well but I have him name things that start with A just so he can join in too.

she loved this one!

Ok we also have to have a little time for fun learning too! A few things they like to do.....

He loves making designs with these!

Stack A Doos
I feel like this year is going to be sooo much easier because Brylee has reached an age where I can combine some things and her attention span is much better.

Of course Brooke will be crawling soon and that is certain to throw a few kinks in my plans. Oh well roll with the punches.

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  1. You are amazing, Marissa. I'm so proud of you and am awed by your determination and strength...you are a wonderful mom!! You never give up!


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