Sunday, December 18, 2011

Homeschool Journal 12/18......our Christmas Journey

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In My Life This Week:  Today I was reminded of how much perspective changes everything. I teach in first through fifth grade at my church on Sunday. I knew the teachers in the service before me had a couple of mishaps and I made the comment about it being a rough morning to one of the teachers. He told me he never sees it that way. He sees it as opportunity for that child to grow from the behavior, choices, and decisions they make. I admit I get swallowed up in parenting and teaching. You have your walls battered day in and day out and you lose perspective. You forget that the annoying things and poor behavior kids sometimes display is a golden opportunity for us to teach. So many times I am guilty of being angry and annoyed. Rather than see it as a chance to bring about growth, I see it as annoying behavior. Sometimes, just like adults, kids have things going on in their lives and it is manifested in the way they act. So, I am glad to say it was a refreshing outlook and one I intend to put in practice at home and church.

In Homeschool This Week: We have had a pretty fun week this week. We are all ready for a break and I've been feeling it so I wanted our last full week before Christmas to be less stressful. Here are a few things we did...

working on our units of measurements.

reindeer in alphabetical order....poor Rudolph is last.

mini book: If You Give a Reindeer a Rootbeer.

the inside.

You get to park your car (or pony) if you find the right letter.

We Are Inspired by: This week we put into action our doing nice and unexpected things for those around us. My most fun was taking Starbucks to a Salvation Army guy outside Walmart when it was all rainy and nasty! My kids favorite was leaving money for other kids in the toy aisle. So much fun and a great reminder to them that Christmas is about giving!

I Love: Pinterest! I am addicted thanks to my wonderful sister in law. Love this site. There are so many great ideas for little money. My craftiness is showing its face again and I have been going crazy. I'm pretty sure it's driving my husband crazy.

Merry Christmas!!!!

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