Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Time Schedule

 IN MY LIFE THIS WEEK: Summer time has started with a bang! We had VBS the first two weeks of summer so I just now finally figured out our schedule for summer. What does this mean? This means I am hoping to avoid the I'm bored and whining and so I'm trying to be proactive. I knew I was going to do this and after a lot of searching pinterest and googling, I have our plan figured out. I'm actually really excited about it!  At this site I found some ideas I liked. I like the must do activities for every day, and the idea of paying them a quarter for each one they complete every day. Where it really got fun was when I combined this idea with the charts I used during school created by Jolanthe at

 Here's a look at what I did: 

The first three chores are the ones they have to do every morning. Reading is required for both (of course I'm reading to Brylee) and writing in his journal every day is required of Bodie. 

These next ones are freely chosen each day except for the weekly adventure, which I will pick most of the time.

 At the bottom of their chart I have a bag for their completed items. As they do them they take it off their chart and put it in the complete bag. At the end of the day I will count their completed things and write down their completed tasks for the day. I have them in order on their charts, but the order they do them in really doesn't matter to me. 

They do not get paid for their first three chores. Those are their family chores, required because they are part of the family.  

As for the daily activities on the do it yourself  summer camp, I changed it a bit. I have it down as a weekly choice. We will probably do these more than once a week, but with other household things going on I knew it would not be realistic do one of these everyday. 

That's what I have so far! I'm pretty excited and look forward to trying it out!

MY STRUGGLE THIS WEEK: My three year old. Have I mentioned that three is my hardest age? Add that with the fact that she is soooo stinking stubborn and you have some great times.

The difference between her and my son is huge. This week when I asked her to pick up her room she drew some battle lines. Both of them were supposed to be cleaning their rooms. After a few minutes I checked and neither of them were so I told them I was setting the timer for twenty minutes and would be back with a trash bag at that point for whatever was left on the floor. Now I don't expect my three year old to clean perfectly, but I at least expect an effort. After ten minutes she came to me and told me she didn't want to clean her room and I could some get her things and put them in the trash! Really? So I did and tried to make a big deal of the things I thought she'd be upset about as they went into the trash bag. She sat on the floor and watched making not a peep. Meanwhile my son started crying his eyes out and came running in her room to "save her toys" trying to clean them up for her so she wouldn't lose them. He and I had to go in another room for about a twenty minute talk with me trying to explain what would happen if he "rescued her" every time I tried to make her obey. Meanwhile when I came out from that discussion, my daughter informed me that she had the tied the trashbag for me so I could throw it away! What do you say to that? I was honestly stumped, and informed my husband that we are in for some hell when she gets older. She has never acted upset about any of those toys I took and some of them were her favorites.

Another example: One night my husband and I were outside after the kids were in bed. As we walked in the house we saw her slipping out the front door. We snuck in behind her and locked both of the doors acting like we were settling in for the night and had no idea she was out there. Meanwhile we watched her from the window as she methodically tried each of the doors. Again, had that been Bodie he would have been panicking, screaming,  and freaking out by now. She tried each door quietly and then sat there and you could see her contemplating her next step. I don't know what it would have been as Glenn could not resist and ran out into the bushes and scared her. She has done no more sneaking out ever since then, but it is just scary to watch her brain work. I am going to have to be on top of my game and praying lots!!!


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