Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pioneer Farms and more fun stuff

We went on our first field trip of the year to Pioneer Farms. It was a rainy, soggy sort of day, but warm out so we went anyway.

Pioneer Farms is a living history farm in Austin Texas with five themed historic areas to explore. The areas are: a tonkawa indian camp, a german emigrant farm, a texian farm, a cotton planters farm, and a rural village called sprinkle corner. It is self guided and full of history and fun things to do. The weather did actually put a damper on things, there wasn't as much going on. Even so we had a fun time and learned some great things about Texas History. It does involve a lot of walking. And I think in a few years the kids will appreciate it more, but we still had a good time. 

The first place we went was a house that was full of all kinds of wagons and carriages from long ago. This one just happened to be one that Teddy Roosevelt rode in when he was in Austin. 

Little legs get tired and this bench was a great place to rest in out of the rain!

It didn't matter which way you went 
there was something fun to see.
 The blacksmith was by far our favorite. He did such a great job of getting the kids to ask questions and think. 

 An outdoor kitchen. Apparently womens dresses were quite the fire hazard back then so outdoor kitchens were where they cooked most of their meals.


At the Indian encampment was one of the biggest trees I have seen around here. I wish I'd gotten a good picture!

They have special events that go on and I want to take the kids back again for one of those, but even with all the drizzle it was a good day and the kids were tired by the time we got finished.

Here are a few more things we did for the week: 

Beans and containers.

Practicing our spelling words for the week.

Apples stamping for our letter of the week....A

Our apple tree painting.

Brooklyn's box was so much fun everyone had to play in it.

Stamping blocks in playdough.

And.....the parting shot. It's not always 
exciting and fun as this picture cleary 


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