Friday, September 3, 2010

Bodie's First Day

Bodie's official first day of school happened today, Sept 2nd. We got his books on the 1st and had a great time going through everything. He was very excited about one of  his science books because it has a section on tornados, and also loved his encyclopedia. It's got great picture of a lot of things that fascinate him, including, his favorite, a combine.


I stayed up late to go through the material, get my instructor guides in order, get my schedule lined out, and read all the notes and tips provided. It really is a lot of info to go through, and I was very impressed with the way they have things organized.

So, having most everything laid out ahead of time, we started today. I have to admit at the end of the day, I am really tired so I am feeling like he probably was as well. We made it through with only a few minor bumps, and I really think after a few days of getting used to how things are lined out it will run even smoother. Well, one can hope anyway.

I saved things like science (that is his favorite) and handwriting( the least exciting) and math for when Brylee was asleep so he had less distractions. Also, the science has a lot of fun links you can look up for extra information on the topic and that is also easier done when she naps.

                                                                   Bodie's   First    Day

When do I nap? Good question.....never, which is why I have to get off here before it gets any later and I find myself face down on my keyboard keys.

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