Sunday, September 5, 2010

One More Way To Get More Organized

Feeling kind of mellow tonight, probably just tired as I have been up late every night lately. I am trying to get our office (which has served as a storage room for quite sometime) cleared out so I can move Brylee in there a few months before her baby sister arrives. It has been a slow process. Why is it the more stuff you uncover the more crap you realize you have?

I don't know why for sure, but it really has been the last several years that I realized the importance of going through all of our stuff on a regular basis and throwing it out. Especially after Brylee came it became a priority because we have limited space.

I guess I am a slow learner, but I am slowly getting there. About two weeks ago I started having Bodie do ten minute cleanups in his room every day. All along I would just tell him to clean his room and it would take forever. I realized saying clean your room is kind of vague and overwhelming for a five year old. So I started setting the timer for ten minutes. I could tell if he had really been cleaning or just playing around. If it was hardly any cleaner, he would get another ten minutes. That really got his attention and he started going fast when I would set the timer. In ten minutes if he is really cleaning he can usually get most of his room finished. When I first started doing this he would whine and complain that he didn't want to clean up, but once it became the routine he has fallen in line pretty quickly. I do not expect perfection and we save the deep cleaning for Saturdays. On Saturdays I do have him clean under his bed and his train table......deep cleaning. I help him and we sweep and shake out his rugs and stuff.  This past Saturday he said," Momma there is hardly anything under my bed!" All I thought is why haven't I thought of this before?

The same thing goes for me. I feel like I am chasing my tail sometimes though. That is when I really started getting rid of stuff.....just hauling boxes off to the caring place. If we don't wear it, use it, or play with it then bye bye. I can't even hope to organize or do ten minute clean ups without clearing out the clutter. So with every box I haul off I feel a little closer to achieving my goal......maintaining a house with a little less mess.

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