Sunday, November 27, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal 11/27/11


In My Life This Week:  This was the week of Thanksgiving. It's normally a crazy time for us, but I was determined to relax and not stress out about things. We got a couple of days of school done and were off to Grandma Ginger's house. The kids ate too much candy and I ate too much of everything and I do not even care. Time to go on a diet again so I can lose five pounds before gaining it all back during Christmas. 

Our Fairy House
In School Lately: I word it this way because I have been simply awful about blogging and have gone through several letters since I last wrote. I'll try to highlight. Brylee continues to work on different letters every week. Some weeks she is more into it than others. Here are a few great things we did: 

We made a fairy house for the letter F. First we went on a nature walk and gathered only things made in nature. We had fun making this. Sad to say it had a mishap with the garden hose a few days later. Next time we will remember not to put it close to the path of that dreaded garden hose.

Flowers made out of cupcake liners and buttons! 

Bodie has been studying early civilisations so he tried his hand at hieroglyphics:

The tops and bottom are his.


I have been working a lot with Brylee on her colors, letters, and numbers. Here are a few fun things we did :

     We normally color these, but she has been getting tired of that so we used these colored disks instead. We used blocks for any color we did not have in the disks.      

We used the same things for her counting cards.

 Same igloo cards, but with shapes. We used her shape flashcards to match them up. You can see that cresent is not in her flashcards. This was a great way to review her colors too. 

Did I mention that I get so many of my printables from TOTSCHOOL? They have themes every week depending on the letter. I print them,laminate, and am ready to go.

Embarrassing moment this week: So you realize I don't have it all together all the time(in fact rarely) and have struggles just like any other mother here is my embarrassing moment:
Some of you on my facebook know that a couple of weeks ago Bodie decided it would be a smart thing to expose his underwear in his P.E class to the horror of many little girls and the secret joy of many little boys. Apparently, over the last week, upon speaking to parents and some of the other coaches, it has been decided that Bodie can not participate in this block of sports. So, he has been kicked out until January when I suppose we will try again. While part of me laughs, I do understand they can't have boys(or girls) pulling down their pants at will and think this is a good lesson for Bodie to learn. I am embarrassed that my child is the one which the coach will probably be talking about to the kids as an example of how not to be. Oh well life is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you're going to get.

We did crazy hats for the letter H.


  1. Love the fairy house!!
    And we all have those moments (well, most that would be willing to admit it) like you experienced with your son. Those who say they haven't are either lying or they've not experienced all that they are entitled to ;) It's something to remind your son of when he's a teen heehee ;)
    Hopping over from HMJ :) Have a great week!

  2. That's too funny, I know he shouldn't have done that, but you've got to admit, it is a great laugh, he he he. All of our children do things like that. When my daughter had just gotten pottie trained & had started putting her clothes on by her self, we got to church one night, had been there for at least 30 minutes, she flipped up her dress & to our amazement, yep, you guessed it, she was shining everyone that was looking. All of us Moms will have our moments. We love them anyway.


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