Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Chicken Tractor

Our remaining five chicks have some how survived up to date. They not only have survived, but have started growing rapidly. Thus, the need for some kind of chicken house. Glenn has been doing his research, reading books and googling chicken houses. In one of the books he looked at they had designed a chicken tractor. What is a chicken tractor you may ask? Well, it is basically a chicken house on wheels......a mobile home for chickens. One end is covered with a roof to keep the rain out and one end is open but covered with chicken wire. At the back there are two wheels so that you can move the chicken house around. The point of this is that you can have the benefit of chickens eating bugs in your yard without having chicken poop on your porch. I, for one, love this idea. There is nothing pretty about chicken poop on your porch, in your shoes, or on your shoes. I want the kids to be able to walk around barefoot and not worry about landmines. Ok we'll we still have landmines, but they are dog landmines. Dog poop is at least a little easier to detect and avoid.

After a lot of looking at the various chicken tractors, Glenn built us one.

After working so hard there is nothing else better than a good thumb and a soft pillow.

The finished product.........The Chicken Casa

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