Sunday, March 27, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal Week One

The Homeschool Chick  

In My Life This Week:  This week we put the finishing touches on our chicken tractor. This is a design found by my husband that allows us to move our chickens around the yard as needed to eat bugs and things. It is a chicken house on wheels so to speak.The best part is that they only poop where you want them to poop and they still eat the bugs in your yard. We have never had chickens before and so this will be a new endeavor in the being more self sufficient catagory. These are our eggs laying chickens, although right now they really are just chicks.

In Our Homeschool This Week: Right now everything really is still new, even though the year will be over soon. It feels like every week I am searching and googling to get tips on how other people do things. Every week I am hoping to make things more organized. We added the chart system to our program. I found the free printables and ideas for it on It allows you to use charts with pictures(my kids are young, 5, 2 1/2, and 3 months) to let the kids see what they are doing for the day. There is also a chore system set up the same way. We used it this week for both chorse and school and I found it really helped. Even my 2 1/2 year old daughter likes to look at her chart to see what comes next. It even helps me because I am one of those people that have a million things going on in my head and life. I found that it helps me preplan, which keeps me organized and it helps me stay on task which in turn keeps the day flowing smoother.

Places We Are Going and People We See: This was actually last Friday, but we went to the Cameron Zoo. I and two friends of mine took our kids to the zoo for the day. Despite the fact that we had nine kids between us, three seven year olds, three five year olds, two two year olds, and one three month old baby, we made it through without losing anyone and no real mishaps.( though I admit breast feeding and diaper changing at that zoo were rather interesting not to mention ones that are just potty training) I thought this zoo was pretty kid friendly and there is plenty to see for kids this age.

What's Working, What's Not Working: Somehow I have forgotten that one of the reasons that we decided to homeschool was the freedom we would have in that. I went with a set curriculum because I did not feel I was talented enough to fly by the seat of my pants just yet.......if ever. While I do like the math we chose, it is a bit repetitive and I found myself batttling with my son. I finally realized I do not have to do worksheets every day. There are lots of ways to incorporate what they are wanting him to learn. He knows the work, but was getting bored because of having to do the same stuff every day. I have started looking through his work for the week mixing things up a bit. Somedays we write on his math sheets, sometimes we do it verbally, sometimes I will pick a game that teaches the concept they are trying to get across. I also do a lot of googling to get fresh ideas because I am not all that creative. This has made our battles almost completely stop. Amazing how I got myself into a box when I did not like that way of teaching in other schools.

Homeschool Questions: I am teaching my son while keeping a two and a half year old and three month old happy. Any advice or tips anyone has would be awesome. I did find a site
that gave some good ideas but any more would always be welcome.

                                                            Our Chicken Tractor

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