Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chicks, Chicks, Chicks

Glenn and I had been talking about getting some chicks both for laying hens and meat chickens, but had not actually talked about when we were going to do it. So, when he came home the other day looking for Brylee with a pleased look on his face I knew something was up. Sure enough in a small box there were six fluffy yellow chicks for her to "hod"

For Bodie it is hotwheels that make his day, for Brylee it is any animal.

Well, it is a scary place to be living here.....survival of the fittest I mean. Yesterday Glenn decides he is going to put the chicks in our giant dog crate so they can enjoy some sunshine without getting eaten by dogs or cats.

Did I mention that I warned him the openings on the crate were big enough that the chicks, if they were smart enough, might be able to squeeze out?

His response? They're chicks. I guess meaning they aren't too smart don't worry. Now mind you he puts them on the porch and then needs to run to town to do some stuff. Can you watch them? he asks. Why, yes, honey I will do that along with my three kids, laundry, and the meal I am trying to get ready for supper. You can bet the chicks were high on my list. But, I did try to peek out at them now and again.

Apparently we had one little chick that was smarter than the average chick. That will not do around here. You lay your eggs and jump in the frying pan  or you end up a barn cat. Eaten by human or barn cat? Why wait around for the inevitable. 

Well so.......six little chicks cute and alive, along comes barn cat... now there are five! 

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