Friday, March 4, 2011

Mishaps on The Farm

My life has always been a series of mishaps, some days worse than others. Honestly I have to laugh at the absurdity of it all. So I figured I should share with the world and give everyone else a good laugh too.

Today I am just going to write about life on the farm......our everyday life.

First of all my children play in a poop pile......almost daily. When I say a poop pile, I mean a poop hill, where we dump all the droppings and shavings from our daily stall cleanings. Is it no wonder that my kids have the immune systems of a horse? (well except here lately) For some reason they think this hill is the best place to drive their vehicles, and you know......I let um. I often wonder what my neighbors think. First of all my nearest neighbors are super nice, but they have perfect least that is how they seem. When all four of them come over with their mom, they stand with their hands behind their backs totally quiet as their mom talks to me. Meanwhile, mine are running around like  banshees with little clouds of dried poop flying off their clothes as they run circles around us shrieking at the top of their lungs. Meanwhile it is almost daily that they are seen in our pasture with feathers sticking out of various places, arrows made out of sticks, and sometimes only a loin cloth or two. They have also been known to use the oil that daddy left lying around as war paint.

I swear I watch my kids, even if it sounds like I don't. They are just so stinking fast.

Oh life around here is never dull, although I admit I don't find a lot of humor in it at the time it is happening. Looking back, though, I'm sure I would miss all the excitement.

Oh yea and did I mention that we are eating Brylee's pig? He made some pretty good pork chops, although I am quite certain she has no idea she is eating her beloved pet. She told me the other day she wanted to "hod him." Oh you are, sweetie, just not in the way you imagine. Reminds me of the time when I was younger when we had a calf named Tidbit. We had him butchered when he started jumping fences. My mom was pretty sad about it because she had bottle fed him. At the dinner table that night as we were getting ready to have some nice steaks, my dad said now your mom is pretty upset so I don't want to hear anyone say we are having a tidbit of this or a tidbit of that. Ha what a sick twist! Guess that might have passed along down the line a bit.


  1. TOTALLY love reading your blog!! You make me laugh!!

  2. Haha, oh my goodness, my children run around like wild creatures too, and I often wonder what the neighbors think...


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