Saturday, May 19, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal 5/16/2012


In Our Lives This Week: Has A week gone by already? We've been enjoying the cooler weather. I know it won't last forever. In Central Texas there is a heat wave just around the corner. So we've been doing a lot outside. One place we frequent is Berry Springs Park. I never understand why more people don't go there. The trails are perfect for my kids to practice their bike riding and I can easily push a stroller on them also. Since it is also a nature preserve it is largely in its natural state, which gives us great nature walk adventures too.
 The trails are awesome! There are springs running through several places on the trail right now.

And some great nature sightings as well:

This picture doesn't do it justice, but it looked like someone had put green koolaide in the water.

In Homeschool This Week: We have one more week of school left! I'm ready to be done for a while. This week is mostly finishing up and reviewing what we've learned. Hopefully most of it stuck and will be hanging around in a few months when we get started again. Next year may be a challenging year as I will have Brylee doing preschool and Brooke will be old enough to want in on the action too. The good news is that Bodie will be in second grade. This year he has really been able to do some work without constant help so that should leave me more available for the other two this next year.
the clean up is worth the few minutes of entertainment!

What Worked and What Didn't: This past year I did more of the lesson planning. For me this does not work, at least right now. Bodie is going with Sonlight all the way this next year. It is a little more expensive, but it is worth it in my opinion. They have all the instructor guides and planning done for you. Not being naturally organized, planning the lessons for Bodie and trying to plan Brylee's activities too is just too much. Next year I will have Brooke and Brylee to plan out so I want Bodie's to be more simplified. In my experience with all the ideas and activities that Sonlight gives you to do with their curriculum I will still have plenty to do.

Things We Are Working On: Becoming more self sufficient is a big thing we are working on and it ties in well with our budget, which is another thing we are trying to stick to. For the first time in a long time we have a garden that is really doing something. I am starting to notice a difference in how much we are spending in groceries. We buy a pig every year after the kids around here are finish showing them for 4-H. They sell them cheap. We feed them for a month and have them butchered. This gives us pork for a while. Our chickens are providing all the eggs we need, and the garden is helping with the groceries. 

We are getting a few carrots. These don't stick around because the kids eat these almost right away.

The green beans are just starting to take off. We are getting a nice bowl full every day right now. My mom had a neighbor who went out of town and had green beans ready. We canned 21 quarts of green beans! That was a job, but I won't be buying green beans any time soon.

In a few more weeks we should be getting tomatoes and peppers so I am hoping to make salsa too!

I'm Cooking: Tying in with the budget thing also, me and several other girls have been cooking freezer meals every two weeks. It takes about the whole day, but then we have two weeks worth of meals and we don't have to grocery shop except for the basics.It has really cut back on how much we spend at the grocery store. We get a lot of our recipes from Pinterest. 

I'm Inspired By: Chris Graves and Mike Rainey, our pastors at NewChurch. They have been amazing at leaving their comfort zones behind. Just proves that coming out of the comfort zone creates growth. These guys just keep getting better and better every week. I'm still working on learning this!

I love these footprints, they won't be tiny long!


  1. I am thinking that while you are on the trail with the little ones, you should have them fish off the mini bridge! Gets them practice with fine motor skills and maybe save money on buying fish! A twofer!!!

    As far as the extra expense for the schooling, eventually your two younger ones will get to that grade and use the same material, so you can save money there...a threefer!!! Heehee, this is fun!

    Wow, you'd probably save a grip if you didn't feed Brooke so much cereal...just saying...smaller bowl...

    As for what is in the strainer, where did you find all of those green worms?

    I've found that the problem with comfort zones is that they create comfort. I like to stumble around a bit and learn from my mistakes. I really like it better when I learn from the mistakes of others...saves me the pain and expense.

    Other than that, I like your blog. Could use some touch up paint and a couple more windows...

  2. I will get right on the touch up paint.......and the smaller bowl :)


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